A successful day’s work



I (Mel) accepted a short term position with World Vision, working together with Phil’s team to improve the lives of children in Nepal.  Yesterday, I had a meeting with community members to talk about some of the ways they have collaborated with government to make positive changes for children such as improved educational opportunities and functional health clinics.

After the meeting, Phil asked me how it went, and frankly it was a total bomb.  Not because there aren’t great things happening for children in their community, but because I wasn’t able to communicate with my translator very effectively.  Dang — I should have practiced more with him.  I should have had him translate the facilitation guide in advance and explain it to me in his own words.  We should have done this and that … the list goes on.   I was disappointed.  And I told Phil all about it.

Then an hour later, I remembered that I got to share my testimony with a seeking colleague on the taxi ride home.  How could I have forgotten something so important?  I was so focused on the unsuccessful meeting, that I allowed it to over shadow that amazing opportunity!  It was the first time I have shared my full testimony to an unbeliever in Nepal.  And God was there.  Planting a seed in my friend’s heart.  Expressing His great love for her.  And I had the beautiful privilege of being his vessel.  Why wasn’t that the first thing I shared with Phil?

Today, I’m thankful for God giving me that amazing opportunity.  And I’m praying that praises to God would always be on the tip of my tongue.  And for a heart that remembers that a successful day’s work in the kingdom of God is about being faithful to my Lord — sharing his love in word and deed, where, when, and however I can.  


One thought on “A successful day’s work

  1. Wow, more opportunities God! Please Lord give boldness, joy and the words to Mel!

    Great to hear this; Mel, God does not look on the outward appearance – he looks at our hearts. Your heart for those children and the hearts of all those in the community. Keep pressing on Mel. I pray for break through with the translator!

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