Reach (5 min friday)


We reach towards the goal for which God has called us.  We put our hands out and strive forwards, and God leads us. Praying that we wouldn’t go anywhere other than where He desires.  Trusting Him each step of the way.  Grateful for the opportunity to go beyond that which is comfortable for us, reaching for that which is glorifying to Him.

I watched my daughter reach for her sippy cup that was on the dining room table this morning.  On tippy toes, she grunted.  She couldn’t quite reach it without my help, so I came over and gave it to her, happy to help.  Somehow enjoying the fact that she needs me for the little things.

I feel like God wants us to reach for those things that we can’t achieve on our own, so that He can come alongside us and help us.  So that He can joyfully give us things.  Enjoying the fact that we need Him.

Trade for Freedom is a reach for us.  On tippy toes, we reach and stretch and are very aware that we can’t achieve anything meaningful on our own.  We are very aware that we need and want God in this venture.  We want it to be His.  Surrendering it to Him everyday.


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