Gratitude tiptoeing

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Everyday my parents were here, I was excited, happy, and so thankful!  We had an amazing time exploring Nepal together and being a family.  The pictures tell our story.  Such fun!  They left on friday, and since my heart has been heavy.

I care about my family.  I love them dearly.   I miss them.  We live, serve, work half a world away, so I yearn for more of their presence in our lives.  When we are together.  We have fun.  We laugh and tell stories and eat.  We eat a lot, as my belt is telling me.  I watch my Mom and Dad run after Abyala, all giggles and smiles.  I catch myself wishing we could do this every weekend.  Doubts about living in Nepal creep in, but God kindly pushes them away.  I’m reminded of the way He spoke to us just a few weeks ago (see previous blog post.)  In boldness.  Showing He cares.  Gratitude tiptoes into my heart, ever so softly.  I almost don’t want to feel it, but in grace, it pursues.  Christ pursues. Thank you Lord, for the time with my parents.  Thank you for the gift of their visit and their love.  Thank you that we can experience the intensity of love that grows with each mile between us.  An intensity that makes it so hard to say goodbye, but so sweet to reunite. Thank you that we don’t take each other for granted.  That you have blessed us with the sweetness of family.  We are a unique family that doesn’t live down the street from one another.  Yet a beautiful family that is tightly bound together by Christ’s love in each other’s absence. We depend on you to bring us together and to keep our relationship healthy while apart.  Thank you that we can depend on you.  That you are abounding in love and faithfulness.

This gratitude, tiptoeing softly into my heart this morning, allows me “to fully live – to live full of grace and joy and all this beauty eternal.”  It is from Christ alone.  As He breathes his spirit into me, I can exhale eucharisteo.  Even with a heavy heart.  He enables me to be thankful.


One thought on “Gratitude tiptoeing

  1. That is beautiful Melanie, God has given you a wonderful gift of writing your feelings and thoughts. I Love your little Family! Grandma Bonnie

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