Why is it that she thrives and grows stronger with each day that her hands weave and sew and create?

Could her provision have been a gift only, that required no work or toil?

What is it that comes to life in us when we work, when we are empowered by what we can achieve, instead of receiving and then the giver walks away?

These jobs that bring women from darkness mean opportunities to reclaim value and worth that had once been stolen. And these jobs mean that each day they join in fellowship with others who know their stories so well, and together they heal and love and gain.

Would this come to be if money had just been given?

These women come to know themselves and the beauty that they can create with their own hands because they have been gifted empowerment. They’re being gifted the opportunity to re-learn the trades that will keep them from the darkness, trades that mean future and hope.

The work brings the freedom.

Guest Author: Larissa Murphy


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