We’ve walked on the streets of paradise and of poverty in our privileged shoes. Recognizing we’re beyond blessed, we’ve relished in the gifts of clean water, fresh air, and grass for our little one to play in these past few weeks. As we go back to the streets where our neighbors share an unclean public pool for washing and where children have few safe places to play, we remember to thank God. For His presence that abounds no matter where we are. We pray for the strength to return. To lay ourselves, our wants and earthly desires down so that we may serve Him well. We pray that we may have eyes to see paradise wherever we are. That we may count poverty of earthly comforts as blessings that draw us near our source, our love, Jesus Christ. We pray that we would somehow become nothing so that God can make something out of us (Martin Luther.) May Christ’s courage abound and His generous refreshment of our souls carry on as we return. Leaving tomorrow morning for Nepal. Not feeling ready. But pressing into Christ for what we don’t know that we need. Pressing on. Because this is the only life we have to glorify Him. And we want to glorify Him. Leaving this paradise to re-discover the next. By His grace…


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