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This Christmas my amazing husband gifted us with a trip to Hawaii!  We’re not filthy rich, rather he’s super savvy.  Most of this vacation was “free”, but those details deserve their own post.  Phil flew all of our parents to Kuaui so that we could celebrate the holidays together.  We explored beaches, canyons, and waterfalls.  We ate fish tacos, Bubba’s burgers and shave ice.  Grandparents loved on Abyala, played dolls, built sand castles and chased chickens.  Abyala declared “no ocean” a million times until she finally fell in love and became a fish.  We chit chatted our days away about everything and nothing.  We sang Christmas carols on our “Christmas Eve”, read Luke 2, and opened gifts around our 6″ tree.  It was perfect!   Then, the family left and we galavanted around the islands for a while longer.  Enjoyed a week long pass to the zoo where Abyala fell in love with tigers and the playground, hiked Diamond Head volcano, revered Pearl Harbor, and got our fill of American sandwiches. We had fun!  And we came home feeling somehow refreshed after 2 days of restless flights. Our souls feels rested.  Our hearts are full.  And our minds are fresh.

We didn’t deserve this incredible vacation, but God is simply generous.  His love for us knows no bounds.  And His love endures forever.

It’s easy to count our blessings and recognize God’s beauty and goodness in the paradise of Hawaii.  This year, we’ll be counting blessings, finding beauty, and thanking God for His goodness and grace in Nepal.  Pressing on…


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