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Welcome to our real life.  It’s full of bustling streets.  Beautifully displayed fruit stands.  Offerings to millions of Gods.  Gorgeous Himalayan views.  Warm, intriguing people.  And shivering cold indoor winters.

Welcome to a life that we never dreamed of living.  I look into the darkness outside my window at 5am, hearing the neighbor’s roosters crow, feeling the sting of winter chill on my fingers as I type and I think about the roosters Abyala would chase around the Island a couple weeks ago.  She was so happy to run free as they were free … they were a literally a bunch of wild ones.  And I think to myself, I need to make sure I welcome this new year in Nepal with an abandoned joy.  As if I were chasing roosters with my daughter.  We choose that type of joy.  So I’m claiming it, and convicted to live it, and giving thanks to God for the sound of roosters that reminds me of my daughter’s joy.  Of His goodness to us.

That’s it – five minutes.  Love a “five minute friday” …


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