Twins: Babies and Earthquakes

Spring time in Nepal with the Ewerts !

Spring time in Nepal with the Ewerts

It’s been an unbelievable, unimaginable spring.

Our world has been shaken.  Our lives have been changed.  Our hearts have felt overwhelming joy and fear.

And, God has never stopped showing his unfailing love to us.

On April 15th, we went to Ciwec Clinic in Kathmandu for an ultrasound after I had a wonderfully positive pregnancy test!  Also after I suffered from severe food poisoning – nothing new in Nepal – but scary when you’re in the first trimester of your pregnancy.  I asked for an ultrasound, just to make sure our baby was okay.  As my Nepali nurse was giving me the scan, she couldn’t stop smiling.  She was radiating joy.  She asked if we wanted the good news and of course we said yes!  We expected to hear that our baby was healthy.  But instead she told us that our BABIES were healthy!  We are having TWINS!!

I immediately had this beautiful vision of three little ones climbing all over Phil – all of them laughing.  I was so happy!

Phil and I just sat there laughing.  We didn’t know what to say – except that Phil asked her to double check.  (Love him!)  We had talked about twins before – always in awe of those who do it and in mutual admittance that we just weren’t “twins people.”  God has such a sense of humor.

If you would have asked us if we wanted twins, we would have said no way.  But here we are, I am 19 weeks pregnant, and we are simply overjoyed.  Please if you’re reading this and thinking about how hard it’s going to be … just smile and be happy for us because frankly, this is our challenge and our gift.  The best things in life are often the hardest, aren’t they…

So we reveled in this news for one terrifyingly wonderful week, then the earth violently shook beneath us.  On April 25th, Nepal experienced a 7.9 magnitude earthquake which jolted our home and penetrated fear into our hearts.

To be continued…


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