Standing against violence

evac aby

Philip and Abyala giving a speech to more than 10,000 people in Sukhbaatar Square, Mongolia.

Look at her.  Standing tall beside her Daddy.  Serious and proud.  Feeling ‘very happy’. Sporting fuzzy pigtails, and a hello kitty slicker.  Reminding everyone that we work not for policy sake, but for children.  For our child, and every child.  Philip isn’t just the National Director for a Christian, humanitarian organization.  He’s a Dad.  And having his Abyala beside him culminated an overflowing passion and conviction that you could hear in his voice.

the crowdThey stood before a 10,000+ person crowd, amidst a rainy day.  Clouds parting long enough for Phil to give a speech about the importance of joining together to end violence against children.   It was as if God wanted to use the storm to remind everyone that even the wind and the rain obey Him.  The Lord will make a way for His good purposes to prevail.  Many people think this violence, this storm, is too deeply engrained to end in Mongolia.  But we know that nothing is beyond the reach of our great Lord.


Standing beside her Dad was a wonderful opportunity for Abyala to make an impact in Mongolia.  She got to show the nation that her Daddy understood something about them.  Abyala connected her Dad to the crowd.  Because of her, they physically saw his heart.  And could sense that he is more than a professional.  He cares.  Abyala manifested sincerity for her Dad.

aby wave.jpg

It’s amazing how God uses each of us in unique ways for His glory.  What a privilege for Philip and Abyala to stand before the nation, urging them to join together to protect their children.  It was exciting!

But most of our days consist of the usual.  Trying to figure out what’s for dinner.  Pushing papers.  Meetings.  Corralling kiddos.  Bedtime stories.  That’s real life.  Praying that we wouldn’t live for the spotlight.  That the light would not be on us, but in us.

And one last picture because they’re cute together!

phil aby


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