These Two

Ahsa and Everest.  These two.  They make every day a wonderful adventure.  They literally run circles around me now.  Here is a little update on who they are becoming…

They’re a year and a half and know Mongolia as their home. They are doing the typical running, jumping, playing and talking.  But they have almost the same exact vocabulary which is amazing because hardly any of their words are pronounced properly, but they pronounce each the same.  For example, ‘wa wa’ is water and ‘ba ba’ is Aby.  I often feel like I’m learning their language more than teaching them mine.

They don’t like being out of sight of each other.  One morning Everest slept longer than Ahsa (which never happens unless he’s sick — he was sick.)  Ahsa was so sad that she cried outside the bedroom door.  Ahsa also barges in on Everest’s timeouts in their room.  I find her squeezing toys through the crib bars when he’s supposed to be dwelling on how much trouble he’s in.

Ahsa loves her plush puppy dog.  Everest loves taking her puppy and runs around the room so that she’ll chase him.  Ahsa loves her baby.  Everest loves taking her baby so that she’ll chase him.  Ahsa loves her blanket.  Everest loves taking her blanket and running.  I think you get the point.

Aside from playing chase, Everest loves throwing rocks in the pond.  Ahsa loves trying to convince us that she can swim in the pond.

Everest does somersaults off the couch.  Ahsa curls her head into your lap and makes you hold her upside down until she’s delirious in laughter.  By the end of the day, both of them transform into daring couch comedians doing tricks and giggling at themselves uncontrollably… until we say ‘time to brush your teeth’ and Ahsa races to the bathroom at mach speed.  Something about the gurgling water has hypnotized them into loving teeth-brushing-time.  We love it.

Abyala, Ahsa, and Everest have filled our hearts with more joy than we thought we were ever capable of feeling.  And we were pretty happy before these guys!  Most days, you’ll find us exhausted, but very very happy.



8 thoughts on “These Two

  1. So great to hear more about them! I’m SURE you’re exhausted with the three of them- we’re completely worn out with just two! We miss you guys and we’d love to meet the twins one day! Let us know if you’re ever up for a holiday in Australia!!! Zippy says hi to Abyala!

  2. We love you and miss you all! I wish I could be there to experience your joy, and all three of them growing. Maybe one day I will get to visit you in your world. That is one of my deepest wishes, to visit and see the work that both of you do for others in this world!
    God Bless!

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