Loving her neighbor


It’s been a year living in Mongolia and we continue to say goodbye.  Goodbye to friends that reel through our lives like turning pages.

Abyala will have to say goodbye to a friend that has enriched her life with giggles and adventure.  Every week day, Abyala asks to play with the girl next door and soon thereafter her friend whizzes around the corner on her scooter yelling “Abyyyyyy”!  Aby perks up at the sound.  If her ears could move, I’m sure they’d peak like a puppy dog’s.  Their friendship has been a comedy to watch.  It usually involves some sort of digging, then a run to the pond, bringing as much water as they can muster.  They add water to their sandy dirt, drenching every body part Mom will allow and come home filthy, yet glowing.

It seems every afternoon of play with Aby’s neighborhood friend is a little longer than expected but my heart can hardly pull her away from the smiles and bare feet and dirt and giggles.

We have one more day to cherish with this scooter riding, dirt digging, pond splashing, wide-smiling friend.  And today, we have to say goodbye.  There is mourning in saying goodbye.  A sadness that holds uncertainty.  You want to protect your children from experiencing loss and hurt.  But this type of pain is the direct result of joy, and I certainly don’t want to deny her that.

Abyala is feeling broken-hearted.  Please pray for her.  Pray for comfort, a healthy season of sadness, for new friends, and that she would experience Jesus through this.  Pray that she would be filled with joy from the true wellspring of life – Jesus Christ.  Pray that He would enable her to endure these hardships and that she doesn’t feel alone.  Pray that her brokenness will become a meaningful part of her story.  Part of her beauty.  Perhaps even part of her joy.



4 thoughts on “Loving her neighbor

  1. Praying for Aby. We know this type of grieving too well. You never get better at saying goodbyes no matter how much experience you gain. Our hearts are with Aby, her friend and you.

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