We treasure our family.  And love being with them.  Living in Mongolia, the distance between us and our loved ones, makes us yearn for quality time together.   And this month we got it!


In July, Grandma Nea and Grandpa Steve came to join us in Mongolia !   Their desire to come and live life with us for a little while, touched our hearts.  We were elated.  Lots of people want to come and join you on vacation in Thailand or Bali.   But few want to experience the distant, rugged Mongolia.  (Though they should want to because Mongolia is incredible.)


So for ten days, the kids played with Grandma and Grandpa.  Tea parties.  Storytime.  Playgrounds.  Dress up.  We ventured into the countryside.  Went hiking.  Enjoyed rainbows.  Talked about life.  We ate cinnamon rolls.  Painted fingernails. Grandma snuggled Ahsa.  Grandpa loved on Everest.  Abyala was the star of every show.  And we all just leaned into the chaos and savored the togetherness.


We look forward to days together increasingly more.  The comfort and joy of family is immeasurable and beyond valuable.  Grateful for days like these.  God is good!


Thank you for coming, Mom and Dad!!




One thought on “Togetherness

  1. Thank you Philip, Melanie, Aby, Ahsa and Everest for a wonderful and fantastic time together!! We LOVED every minute and treasure our special memories with you!! You spoiled us! We LOVE you all so much❤️️💕🌺🍭🏈. WE WILL BE BACK for more fun adventures with you!!! Hugs and kisses …. mom and dad…..grandma Nea and grandpa Steve💖

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