Prayer requests:

  • Please pray that our family would be deeply rooted in Christ.  That we would love Him with all of our hearts and be abiding in His love.  That we would love others.
  • Please pray for friendships for our kids – especially for Abyala as she enters school this fall.
  • Please pray for Phil as he leads his team and cares for his family.  For Wisdom.  Strength.  Discernment.  Fortitude.  Endurance.  Refreshment. That he would point others to Christ.  And shepherd them on their walk.
  • Please pray for Mel as she cares for her family and works part-time.  For wisdom and peacefulness in parenting.  For an abiding joy that is felt by her family.  For refreshment and energy.  That she may share Christ with the kids everyday.

Thank you so much to all of you who faithfully pray for us.  Love to you!


5 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. God,

    I pray that You would sustain Phil and Mel as they are apart. And, also that you would bless their time in their own ministries. I pray for wisdom for this couple as they seek Your Will. Please keep them safe and draw them near to You.


  2. Dear Lord,

    For the woman who has been kidnapped, I pray that you would sustain her health and give her courage to continue on. Please bring her back to safety.

    In Jesus Name,

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