Trade for Freedom

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What does it take to change the world?

What does it take to loose the chains of injustice?

What does it take to bring Hope physically and spiritually?

These have been our questions for the past decade as we have traveled and worked in over 40 countries.  Striving to change unjust systems, protect children, provide medical services and be a light in the darkness; Afghanistan, Sudan, Kenya, Nepal, and Albania are a few of the countries in which we have worked, loved and made our home.

We believe all people should have Freedom, Dignity, and Hope for Tomorrow!   Trade for Freedom was born out of this desire.

We believe in transformative relationships between social businesses who are on the front lines of issues such as human trafficking and like-minded individuals, churches, and businesses worldwide.

And we know we are not alone in this endeavor, both in Western countries and those less developed, people are working passionately to make a difference.  Trade for Freedom makes it easier for you to have an impact by making ‘freedom products’ accessible to individuals passionate about loosing the chains of injustice.  All Trade for Freedom purchases ensure dignifying employment and Christian discipleship is provided to women and men who have endured extremely difficult circumstances. Profits are invested in social businesses committed to freedom, worldwide.

Join us in our cause today and set someone free.

Beauty for Ashes Nepal family

Trade for Freedom’s partner, Beauty for Ashes Nepal:   “It’s not just jewelry, it’s a life set free!”

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